Diamond Engagement Rings Brisbane

Along with purchasing your perfect certified loose diamond from Diamond Brokers Queensland we also design and hand manufacture stunning diamond engagement rings right here in our Brisbane workshop. We can create your diamond ring directly from a design that you have already found or you can take the time to sit down with a consultant in our diamond jewellery studio to create your own unique diamond engagement ring design. Creating the final design for a diamond engagement ring should always be done after purchasing the diamonds. The diamond size selection needs to be balanced with the proportions of the ring to give it the visual aspect required before it is sent to be handmade in our Brisbane workshop.

Why choose a hand made diamond engagement rings?

If you go into almost any retail jewellery store even the high-end stores and ask if their rings are cast or handmade the answer will almost always be that they are cast. There are two reasons for this cost and consistency.

With cast made diamond engagement rings the cost of the rings is at least 30% lower and can be made over and over again to look exactly the same and to fit the same size diamonds which allows the jewellery store to continually sell the same style ring.

Although this produces a consistent product there are a number of problems that are found with cast rings. The main issue is that the structure of the ring is inconsistent with small cavities, air bubbles and fractures that can all result in the ring cracking and loosing diamonds which can be a constant occurrence.

So why do Diamond Brokers Queensland choose to hand make their diamond engagement rings?

Superior quality, and because we sell at wholesale price the cost of our rings is still often cheaper than buying a cast ring from a retail store.

A hand made diamond ring will always be unique as each ring is made from scratch and is gradually rolled, cut and filed into shape. This crafting process takes many more hours which is more costly but results in a ring that has a higher density without any structural faults and is much more unlikely to break in crucial areas.

Diamond Brokers Queensland believe that if you are going to spend a significant amount on a quality diamond that you should match that diamond with a quality handmade ring as well. For a slightly higher additional cost, you can have a unique ring that is structurally secure, has no design constraints and because it is made in Brisbane any fine adjustments can be made quickly and easily.

Call or email to contact us about designing your handmade ring

Once you are ready to move forward with your engagement ring please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Our expert staff are here to help and can set up a consultation so that we can discuss your design requirements.

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