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Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle pink diamonds are the pinnacle of the diamond industry, described as “beyond rare,” pink diamonds are the most concentrated form of wealth in the world. Argyle pink diamonds are the perfect balance of total beauty and attraction with an exclusivity that put them at the must have for the elite luxury jewellery and investment markets. Discovered in the remote Kimberly region of Western Australia over 30 years ago the Argyle pink diamond is a pure treasure that helped launch the awareness of fancy coloured diamonds from the rare collectors market to the general public.


Pink Argyle diamonds make up to around 90% of all pink diamonds mined in the world and are distinguishable by a vivid pink colour that has a depth and strength that that has rarely been seen from any previous pink diamond source in the world. The relative rarity of pink diamond is why they command such a high price with only around 100 carats released to the market each year making them one of the world most exclusive products.

 With the Argyle mine set to close in the near future the imminent loss of supply of these precious gems is already rapidly increasing the price as buyers look to purchase while they are still available. To better assess the value of Argyle pink diamonds they have created their own colour grading system with 35 different registered colour grades to cover the wide variety colour tones produced by the mine. Each year Argyle releases for tender a collection of their finest quality pink diamonds to a select group of trade buyers who tender their bid for these spectacular diamond often on behalf of private buyers.


In 2012 Argyle discovered their largest ever rough pink diamond at 12 carats. Unfortunately after much deliberation at the cutting process it was determined that due to a major inclusion a single diamond would not be possible and the partially polished diamond was donated to the Melbourne museum.

Colour Variety in Argyle Diamonds

To greatly improve the pricing structure of pink diamonds where almost every diamond has its own unique colour traits Argyle developed its own colour grading system to better describe their vast collection of pink diamonds. Graded from 1-9 (darkest – lightest) in tones of pure pink (P), purple pink, (PP) rose pink (PR), champagne pink (PC) and the very rarest red. As well as the pink diamonds the Argyle diamond mine also produces white, champagne, violet and blue coloured diamonds.

Buying a Pink Argyle Diamond

Unlike white diamonds pink Argyle diamonds are extremely limited in supply and finding a match for your requirements can often be very difficult. When looking to buy a pink diamond you must be willing to accept the closest possible match to your requirements as finding the exact diamond that you want to buy can often be nearly impossible. The key to buying a pink Argyle diamond is to understand your budget and what it will achieve for you in terms of size, colour and clarity grade.

Australian Origin Argyle Pink Diamonds

Any intense or vivid natural pink diamonds in Australia are going to predominantly be of Argyle origin but for certainty new diamonds should always come with an Australian Argyle origin certificate and laser inscription for the greatest security and assurance with your purchase. Many older Argyle pink diamonds will only have loose traceability as they were released prior to the origin certification which means they will never have the same certainty and value but are still an attractive option in the rarest qualities and will often have a GIA certificate instead. Not only is Argyle the major producer of pink diamonds but they also unearth a quality that is a richer and deeper colour than found anywhere else and with the mine nearing the end of its commercial life the availability of new pink diamonds is going to almost stop. There are natural pink diamonds found in other parts of the world but not with any consistency and are rarely found with the colour intensity of those found at Argyle.

What is the Price of Pink Diamonds?

Although people generally know that pink diamonds are more expensive than white diamonds, why is the price of pink diamonds so expensive? A top quality pink diamond will be between 50-100 times the price of a standard white diamond and considering that a pink diamond is around one million times rarer, the price can be considered quite reasonable. The price of an Argyle pink diamonds is primarily associated to the tone and saturation of the colour with the most intense being the most expensive. Even though pink diamonds come with an exclusive price tag the demand for the best of these gems exceeds their availability with high interest for luxury jewellery, investors and gem collectors.
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It is very difficult to list the prices for Argyle pink diamonds as the price is constantly changing and stock for high quality pink diamonds rarely last very long after their release from Argyle. If you are genuinely interested in buying an Argyle pink diamond we welcome you to express your interest with Diamond Brokers Queensland to book in a consultation to discuss all of your pink diamonds options and view our private collection of Argyle pink diamonds.

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