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Argyle Pink Diamond Dealers

Diamond Brokers are one of only a few specialist stores in Queensland that are authorised stockists of Argyle pink diamonds directly from the Argyle mine supply. With expert knowledge and a broad selection of pink diamonds in store we can assure clients will make an informed choice when selecting their diamond and assure they will buy at the most affordable price in the market.


We welcome all buyers wishing to get their piece of one of these unique Australian diamonds to book an appointment and view our extensive collection. There are pink diamonds still available in all qualities and budgets so that anyone can afford to own a piece of Australian Argyle pink diamond history.


With the closure of the mine in November 2020 and the final Tender allocation of pink diamond parcels in October 2021 the wholesale supply will reduce very quickly in the next few years.


There will however always be investors selling diamonds back into the market to keep supply available and we have set up our business to take the best advantage of this to continue supply of pink diamond for jewellery and investment for our clients.

If you are interested in owning a pink diamond for jewellery, investment or an heirloom please contact us to discuss your options with one of our pink diamond specialists.

Wholesale Argyle Pink Diamond Traders

With the closure of the Argyle pink diamond mine the wholesale supply trade production of new pink diamonds will diminish greatly, leaving the majority of the diamonds entering the market coming from stones held by private owners. As licenced second-hand diamond traders we are set up as an investment source to buy, store, sell and trade investment and jewellery quality pink diamonds. When investors are ready to sell we can offer to directly buy your diamond for cash or we can sell your pink diamond on consignment for maximum value.

Argyle Pink Diamond investments

As true wholesale diamond merchants we are perfectly set up to provide expert advice and sales to astute investors looking to buy high quality investment grade Argyle pink diamond for a diversified portfolio and Self-managed Superanuation.

We see all too often jewellery stores pushing the fact that Argyle pink diamonds are a great investment but selling them at the full retail price. Paying full price is perfectly allowable if there is no intention to make an actual profit but if purchasing as an intended investment then expect that it may take as long as 10 years just to see a return. Pink diamonds of all qualities are a great way to preserve your wealth but if you are buying a pink diamond to make a timely and efficient profit then you must be very aware of exact what you are buying and how much you are paying. We suggest that all investors book an in depth consultation to discuss the best strategy for your pink diamond portfolio.

Search Wholesale Diamond Prices Online

Once you have decided on the type of diamond you would like to buy, our wholesale diamond search tool is a great place to start looking for quality loose diamonds in your budget.


The online diamond search inventory is an international list of available loose certified diamonds that will give you a great guide to the wholesale price of different quality diamonds to help make your selection.

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