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Second Hand Jewellery Dealers Brisbane

Diamond Brokers Queensland are licensed second hand jewellery dealers. Selling second hand jewellery for a fair and reasonable price can often be quite difficult with very few industry buyers and selling privately is fraught with trust and security issues.

At our jewellery showroom we offer several options to resell unwanted jewellery for people throughout Queensland and Australia based on the quality and condition of the item. Depending on the style of jewellery we can offer sellers up to four different sale options, cash purchase, store consignment, trade exchange or tender auction each with different sale advantages.

Achieving the best price for your second hand jewellery requires having your jewellery listed where it can be found by the largest audience and where it can be sold with trust and security. Diamond Brokers have been a trusted, Brisbane, specialist wholesale diamond jeweller since 2002, with a successful online and physical store.

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Our store specialty is in high quality, high value modern jewellery but through our tender auction we can also offer to sell a full assortment of different quality jewellery.  No matter where you are, sellers can send or bring in their jewellery to our Brisbane studio for a full product assessment to be sold at the best possible agreed sale price.


If you have jewellery of good value that you wish to sell then please contact our store to get the best price for your unwanted jewellery. Or if you are unsure and just want some advice then a call or email to our office with the certificate and valuation details of your jewellery will give you a good indicator for your return.

Selling Your Second Hand Jewellery with a Dealer

Selling your unwanted jewellery can be a difficult and time consuming process and does not always return the best results.  Selling with a second hand jewellery dealer makes the process of selling your jewellery much more secure and will often return a better sales result.


Although there is lot of cheap and poor quality second hand jewellery with little sales value, there is also plenty of near new and high quality high value jewellery that can return a great sale price.  Often this jewellery has a significant size and quality diamond or gem that has good retention value that will help the second hand jewellery hold its resale price.


As diamonds are one of the oldest and hardest materials on earth they will rarely ever wear out or be damaged which makes them a great option to buy from a second hand diamond dealer.  Buying second hand diamonds can provide great value for both certified and non-certified diamonds. Even through a second hand dealer, diamond jewellery will often sell for the wholesale buyers price or even below replacement cost depending on the quality and style of the diamond.

Selling Options for Second Hand Jewellery

At Diamond Brokers Queensland we have four possible options we can offer for selling your second hand diamonds and jewellery.

Cash Purchase – The fastest way to sell your jewellery is with a straight cash offer. This is usually reserved for jewellery with high quality high demand diamonds that have a good sales potential and the seller wishes to move the jewellery as quick as possible. The downside with a fast sale is that the price offered is usually around a third less than the current wholesale replacement price.

Store Consignment – High quality, high value jewellery with a modern saleable design will have the best potential to sell at the closest price to wholesale market replacement.  Listing your jewellery on consignment will give your jewellery the best opportunity to sell at the best return price within a reasonable time period.

Tender Auction – For the rest of second hand jewellery that still has good value but where the quality and condition are a little more subjective selling at tender auction will return a good price in a reasonable time.  Tender auction allow the seller to test the market by seeing how much the buyers in the market are willing to offer based on the attractiveness of the item for sale against similar available products.

Trade Exchange – One of the best was to return the value spent on jewellery is to trade it for another item. If you do not need to sell your jewellery to return the money then trading it for other jewellery will retain much more of the original value of the item you want to sell. Second hand diamond dealers are much more flexible on trading jewellery as they do not need to outlay further cash and if there can still be a profit from the trade they will also be less particular about the jewellery quality than with a cash purchase with the speed and ease of sale.

Search Wholesale Diamond Prices Online

Once you have decided on the type of diamond you would like to buy, our wholesale diamond search tool is a great place to start looking for quality loose diamonds in your budget.


The online diamond search inventory is an international list of available loose certified diamonds that will give you a great guide to the wholesale price of different quality diamonds to help make your selection.

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