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Brisbane Argyle Pink Diamonds for Sale

Diamond Brokers Queensland is one of the few select Brisbane jewellers who can buy pink diamonds directly through the Argyle partners allocation system. Having direct assess to the latest release diamonds allows us to provide buyers with the best investment grade Argyle pink diamonds for sale at the most affordable prices. We are proud to be the preferred supplier of argyle pink diamonds Brisbane clients are happy to recommend. 

When buying an Argyle pink diamond, it is essential to deal with a genuine merchant who can provide you with an extensive collection of Australian pink diamonds for sale. With the expertise to assist you through the selection process, ensuring you make the right selection for your requirements when buying pink diamonds.


Coloured diamonds are scarce and expensive, where even very small variations in size, colour, clarity or cut can translate to significant variations in value. With such high costs on many pink diamonds, it is essential to deal with a skilled merchant like Diamond Brokers Queensland, who has the knowledge to assist you in viewing different natural pink diamonds for sale to ensure that you select the right quality for your natural Australian pink diamonds requirements.


With an extensive in-store collection of jewellery and investment grade pink diamonds for sale at wholesale price and access to the largest selection of diamonds through the Argyle chain of custody and private investors, we can assist with all buyer requirements. We provide the best pink diamonds Brisbane trusts!

Investment Opportunity: Buying Loose Argyle Pink Diamonds for Sale

All loose pink diamonds can be considered a valuable resale investment, but only a minimal number of Argyle pink diamonds can be regarded as true investment quality. Loose argyle pink diamonds are among the rarest, most concentrated forms of wealth on earth, making them an ideal investment. However, if you encounter argyle pink diamonds for sale, only premium quality pink diamonds should be purchased for investment for the sole purpose of buying and selling to make a profit.


Many jewellers will claim to offer an investment-grade loose pink diamond, but it will often be either inferior quality diamonds or selling a high-quality stone at close to retail prices providing poor investment value.


Investing in an Argyle pink diamond with a leading specialist like Diamond Brokers Queensland is always the wisest decision. When clients look to buy loose pink diamonds, we understand the market best to help guide your investment in the right direction. The financial success of your investment when buying pink diamonds will rely primarily on ensuring that you purchase a diamond with the highest demand at the correct price. If you are looking for investment quality loose pink diamonds for sale, please contact our expert team on 1800 993 697 and arrange an appointment at our Brisbane studio or buy pink diamonds online.

Buying the Right Argyle Pink Diamonds for Sale is Essential For Investment

When selecting a diamond for investment, colour is the primary focus, broken up into three areas. Hue, Saturation and Tone is an important consideration when looking at different Argyle pink diamonds for sale. It’s only worth buying pink diamonds after you have identified the purest and most prestigious pink diamonds. Only these exemplary natural pink diamonds for sale are considered five-star investment opportunities along with the correct shape, clarity and cut, depending on the size and value of the Argyle pink diamond. If you are looking for loose Argyle pink diamonds for sale for investment purposes, please call us on 1800 993 697 and arrange a viewing appointment and see the best Argyle diamonds Brisbane offers!

Search Wholesale Diamond Prices Online

Once you have decided on the type of diamond you would like to buy, our wholesale diamond search tool is a great place to start looking for quality loose diamonds in your budget.


The online diamond search inventory is an international list of available loose certified diamonds that will give you a great guide to the wholesale price of different quality diamonds to help make your selection.

Genuine Australian Pink Diamonds for Sale with Correct Certification in Brisbane

Providence is an essential piece of Argyle pink diamond investment as, without the original and correct certification, you may find the sale potential and value of your Brisbane pink diamond severely affected. All investment pink diamonds should be purchased with an Argyle diamond certificate and laser inscription (post-2005). A GIA certificate is beneficial when you buy argyle pink diamonds to back up the Argyle certificate but undoubtedly not essential. Any diamonds that are lot numbered need to have a chain of custody through an authorised Atelier but are generally not large enough to be considered a premium choice investment. Any Argyle diamond sold without an Argyle assigned certificate can still be an excellent stone but has often been recut or may predate certification and may have some providence but will not hold the same sale potential or sale value as one with full certification.


In most cases, the real pink diamond price and the investment value of a diamond will come down to the demand of the certification details. With very few loose Argyle pink diamonds for sale in the market at any one time, selection must be made from what is available within your chosen budget. Personal preference and the look of the diamond comes secondary to the certification. However, the final price of an Argyle pink diamond for sale

will vary depending on how good the diamond looks, with the cleanest, clearest, most attractive and brilliant diamonds demanding a premium on its pink diamond price valuation.


When selecting loose pink diamonds for sale with all the best qualities for investment is not easy a. Byorking with your investment strategy, Diamond Brokers will source the best quality Argle pink diamonds at the right price with the highest resale demand.


As a complete wholesale pink diamond Atelier, we offer clients all the necessary investment aspects from education and selection, annual valuations, storage and selling. So if you are asking “where can I buy a pink diamond?” look no further than Diamond Brokers Queensland

To find out more about investing in an Argyle pink diamond either privately or for your Super Funds, please Contact Us to discuss further with one of our consultants. Buy pink diamonds, Brisbane residents have used as a trusted investment vehicle for decades.

Buying Pink Diamonds for Jewellery

Pink diamonds are an appealing and prized diamond for luxury jewellery, and although expensive, there are affordable options. The biggest and brightest grade of pink diamonds for sale make beautiful jewellery, but the cost is often unaffordable for most buyers wanting pink diamonds in their jewellery. There are many grades to choose from when buying pink diamonds. Through clever selection, there are pretty attractive colour options that are not particularly perfect that can be much more affordable and still create beautiful jewellery. Not all pink diamonds are fully certified or mined by Argyle, which can often be of lesser importance when buying purely for jewellery purposes. Pink diamonds without Argyle certification would provide a little less authority and make them significantly cheaper for good quality diamonds even if they originated from the Argyle diamond mine. This is where discussing your requirements with a pink diamond expert will ensure that you find the best pink diamond for your jewellery at the right price.

A jewellery grade Argyle pink diamond will always be an excellent investment. Still, it should be considered more as a family heirloom or a way of preserving one wealth than a saleable asset.

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