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Search for your Perfect Diamond

Once you know what type of diamond you would like our diamond search tool is a great place to start looking for a quality diamond in your budget. If you find something you like please let us know through our contact page and we will return your enquiry within 24 hours. This diamond search inventory is a list of internationally available loose certified diamonds where you can find just about any diamond possible. This list does not cover all of our available international diamonds and if you cannot find the diamond that you need please contact us and we will find it for you. Although we endeavour to provide the most competitive prices possible if you find a better price let us know and we will better the competitors price.

Important Notes

  • If you cannot find the exact diamond that you are looking for, please send us an email message. We have an inventory much greater than what is displayed on our search list.
  • If the diamond that you are looking for is not in our online stock list, please contact us as not all of our diamonds are displayed in the online diamond search.

Use The Diamond Search System To Choose Your Diamonds

Diamond Brokers Queensland’s diamond search system has been developed to quickly and easily search through thousands of guaranteed available diamonds. Once you know the quality of diamond you would like to buy you can make adjustments to your search to find the diamond that will match your budget. If you have search the system and still cannot find the diamond that you need please contact one of our consultants and we will will find your perfect diamond.


Use the Diamond Search System for your diamond search for Australia. It is a good diamond database for Australia since you have many diamonds to choose from.

Where to look for diamonds? Look for diamonds in our Diamonds Search System. It’s so easy to use.


  • Select the diamond shape or shapes that you prefer.
  • Type in the appropriate boxes the size of the diamond you want. Or you simply move the lever until the right carat number appears on the boxes to correspond to the diamond you are looking for.
  • Type in the appropriate boxes the minimum and maximum prices you are willing to pay for your diamond. Or you can move the lever until the right price range corresponds to the one you want.
  • Move the lever to choose the colour grade of the diamond.
  • Move the lever to select the clarity grade for your diamond.
  • Check the appropriate certification agencies that you will accept. If you will not accept uncertified diamonds, kindly uncheck the appropriate box.

There are advanced options:


  • If you click the box for “Polish”, a range will appear. Move the lever to the suitable grade you want.
  • If you click the box for “Symmetry”, a range will appear similar to that of “Polish”. Just move the lever for the suitable grade you prefer.

If you are not sure of the grades of your diamond search, just click the circle with a question mark in it. A description of the grades will appear.

If you hover the mouse on any of the items on any of the columns, you will get these sample details about the diamond:


  • Depth %
  • Table %
  • Polish
  • Symmetry
  • Girdle
  • Culet
  • Fluorescence
  • Dimensions

Click the “View” button to view the complete details of the diamond:


  • Shape
  • Weight (carats)
  • Price (in Australian dollars)
  • Lab
  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Depth %
  • Table%
  • Polish
  • Symmetry
  • Girdle
  • Culet
  • Fluorescence
  • Dimensions

If you like the quality and description of the diamond and the price is within your range, then please put your details at the bottom part of the “View” window.

Online Diamonds Brisbane

When considering buying a diamond online, the best place to start is with a local Brisbane owned and operated online diamond wholesaler.   An online diamond store will help to provide a very broad rage of options at a very competitive price but if the supplier does not provide enough support and information a buyer can unintentionally make the wrong selection.  Diamond Brokers Queensland are a Brisbane retail shop and diamond merchant that provides a physical address to our online diamond store, providing close contact for buyers at the same prices as the big overseas online businesses. 

Buying from an online diamond store gives you access to the greatest number and variety of diamonds worldwide at a competitive wholesale. 

With the security of diamond certification and magnified high definition 360 degree videos, buying a diamond without physically seeing the stone is now much more secure when assisted by an experienced diamond consultant.

 The only issue with buying a diamond online is that there will always be cheap quality diamonds that are not what they appear and buying the cheapest stone without knowing what you are buying can lead to disappointment.  Buying a diamond from a Brisbane online diamond store can give you greater opportunity to discuss your selection with an expert to confirm that you make the right choice.

Wholesale Diamonds Brisbane

The Diamond Brokers Queensland store stocks a hand-selected range of certified and non-certified premium loose diamonds at wholesale prices to suit a wide variety of client requirements.

The highest cost of any significant jewellery purchase is often the central diamond which is why this can be the best place to begin your purchase. Buying a loose unset diamond at wholesale price is the ideal way to achieve the best value for your jewellery. However, not all diamonds are the same and should be selected specifically for each buyer with the assistance of an expert consultant to explain all of the different qualities available.

Diamond Brokers will spend the time to educate you though the selection process to give you full control over your purchase so that you receive the best diamond to suit your budget.

Brisbane Discount Diamond Store

To buy a premium diamond, you need to deal with a specialist diamond jewellery store.  Very few Brisbane jewellery stores have sales consultants with the experience and expert knowledge of premium diamonds to be able to really understand the client’s individual diamond requirements.  Our Brisbane diamond store understands that every buyer will have their own unique diamond quality specifications and Diamond Brokers stock a full array of diamonds to service all clients. We stock an ever changing and diverse collection of diamonds for sale in store with the expert knowledge to work with each of our clients to discover their perfect diamond.

Our diamond jewellery shop gives clients the experience of a retail store while providing all of our diamonds for sale at the discounted wholesale diamond price. We understand that customers still feel hesitant about buying discount diamonds online so we have combined the two services to provide total security with your diamond purchase. Our diamond experts will help guide you through the process of selecting and buying the correct diamond from a business with a physical address bound by Australian consumer laws while being able to compete with the discount overseas online diamond market.

Buying quality diamond jewellery is no longer restricted to Brisbane city or the large shopping centres. Having a retail jewellery store in a major city centre also means high overhead and high diamond prices. Our Cleveland jewellery store is designed as a boutique showroom to showcase our work and what we can provide. Our core business is still providing hand selected diamonds and custom designed jewellery, the Cleveland store provides a comfortable environment for client to view our collection of diamonds and jewellery to assist with their selection.

Diamonds Online Australia

Buying diamonds online in Australia is now a very common practice and can be an effective way of buying a diamond at the best possible price.  The only cautions that need to be taken are that you must be sure of exactly what you are buying and that you can trust the integrity of the company where you are buying the diamond.  Buying a diamond online means you do not have the one on one services of a specialised diamond store but a good online supplier should still provide a reasonable form of consultation with clients as to disclosure about the quality of the diamond you have selected but at the end of the day the final diamond selection is your decision.  Choosing an Australian online diamond company means that you have the protection of the Australian retail and consumer regulations and if there is a problem there is a much easier line of communication.  An Australian online diamond shop will also quote you the exact final price that the diamond will cost you where as the price quoted to you from an internationally based online diamond shop can be the price without the additional charges of the GST, shipping, duty and the international bank transfer fees which can add up to an additional 13-16% of the quoted price. 

No matter where an online diamond store is based the cost of the diamond will still be the same and the price can be matched on like for like diamonds for the same payment terms.


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