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Previous Auction Results

Browsing through our previous successful auction results can give you a good indication of what price similar items currently for sale may achieve at tender.

Diamond Brokers Queensland we believe in achieving a fair price for both buyers and sellers for all jewellery auction items.   The sale price for any item should be based off the quality, condition and demand for the item.  There is always going to be a lower price paid for second hand jewellery than brand new but it can be difficult for buyers to know exactly what price a particular item should sell for at auction so our past sales results can help with providing an approximate price that you should expect to pay. 

Every item sold will have its own particular details and prices should be an indication guide only.  The sale prices listed are the price that was tendered at that time for the item and excludes the buyer’s premium and GST.

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Once you have decided on the type of diamond you would like to buy, our wholesale diamond search tool is a great place to start looking for quality loose diamonds in your budget.

The online diamond search inventory is an international list of available loose certified diamonds that will give you a great guide to the wholesale price of different quality diamonds to help make your selection.

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