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About Our Jewellery Tender Auction

Diamond Brokers Queensland have developed their tender jewellery auction to allow buyers an opportunity to make a calculated tender offer on liquidated new jewellery and second-hand jewellery where the value of the pieces is more subjective to the condition or design than the actual cost of production.


There is a lot of modern jewellery with perfect quality high-grade gems that will hold very close to their defined wholesale value even when sold for liquidation.  However, with jewellery that is no longer in new condition or has a high proportion of manufactured value, the price paid at auction will be based more on the current market attractiveness and demand from the buyer than the actual wholesale replacement or component cost.

Diamond, Gem and Jewellery Tender Auctions

Welcome to the Brisbane, gemstone and jewellery reserve tender auction.

Diamond Brokers Queensland offer unique, premium quality and high-value jewellery for sale by tender auction Australia wide with honest and detailed product descriptions of condition and quality.  We are not general auctioneers we are a tender jewellery store with expert knowledge in our field offering fully accessed jewellery at affordable prices by negotiation.

As wholesale merchants and second hand dealers we offer a wide selection of high value new and privately owned diamonds, gems, engagement rings and jewellery.


By offering jewellery for sale through reserve tender it allows jewellery to be sold at a negotiated price where the condition, situation or the quality of the item may affect the price compared to the actual replacement value.

This also ensures that the final price achieved is more reflective to the actual value of the piece and the buyers desire for the attractiveness of the jewellery.


All jewellery has been professionally cleaned and restored to the best possible condition and is listed with a true reflective independent valuation.   Our exclusive rating system aims to further the valuation by providing full disclosure of the market quality and condition of the jewellery and is available by appointment to be viewed prior to purchase from our Diamond Jewellery studio located in Cleveland, Queensland.

Most items have a “buy now” or “suggested offer” price based on the cost replacement of the jewellery and the condition of the ring as assessed by our expert diamond jewellery graders. All reasonable tender offers will be referred to the seller of the jewellery for approval and notification of a successful bid will be relayed to the buyer by the end of each month.  All successful offers will only be considered as a purchase once the seller has agreed and the buyer confirms their purchase with a deposit payment.


Australian Jewellery Auctions

Buying diamonds and jewellery through online listings and auctions in Australia is now a very trusted and common practice and is an effective way to purchase jewellery at a competitive and affordable price. 


The only caution that needs to be taken is that you must be sure of exactly what you are buying and that you can trust the integrity and information provided by the company that is selling the diamond jewellery.

Diamond Brokers Queensland are dedicated to full disclosure on all of the products that we sell in both new and second hand products with open and consistent quality and condition descriptions.  Our customer hotline will also link you directly to our diamond graders to answer any further questions you need to know about the product you wish to purchase.

When buying a diamond from an online diamond merchant or auction, choosing an Australian based company means that you will have an easier and faster line of communication as well as greater security if there is ever a problem or need to return an item.


All diamonds and jewellery sold by, Diamond Brokers Queensland, through either their wholesale merchant services or the Australian online diamond jewellery auction are guaranteed to be exactly as they are described by their certification, valuation and condition descriptions with a full refund on any in store item and exchange on all custom made orders.

What price should I pay at Auction for jewellery?

Here is a quick guide to work out what you should pay for jewellery at auction. 


Most auctions will provide valuations for the jewellery that is being sold but as we should all be aware the valuation price is based on the recommended retail price and is the highest price that a jewellery item can be sold new through a retail store before it is considered overpriced. The recommended retail store price is the same as the valuation price and is calculated off the wholesale or jewellers replacement cost of the item. 


Most stores will have jewellery sales that are up to 40 or 50% off the recommended retail price.


From this the highest real price that should be paid for new jewellery should be around half the valuation price if the jewellery is of the highest quality and standard.  As soon as the condition of the quality of the jewellery is reduced then the price for the item will fall below the price that it should be purchased if it was in perfect new condition.


Most jewellery that goes up for sale at a standard auction is there to achieve a quick sale and is listed knowing that there may be varying quality or condition concerns preventing it from being sold through a jeweller. The jewellery that is sold at auction often comes from several usual sources, second hand, business liquidation, recovered stolen property or jeweller sacrifice, which has limited details on condition and real level of quality.  These are often high risk, high reward auctions where achieved sale prices can be as low as 5-10% of valuation.  The seller often receives a fraction of even the wholesale replacement cost of the jewellery giving great value to the buyer but with the risk of not really know the real quality of the jewellery that you receive.


A sales price of 5-50% of valuation price is still a very big discrepancy, which is why through our reserve tender auction the quality of all our jewellery is very transparent and can be better determined where each jewellery item will fall within this price range.   As well as our exclusive jewellery rating system for all of our jewellery you can look through all the previous sale item to see what price was achieved through tender.

Most jewellery items for tender will have a “buy now” price that will be accepted for immediate purchase which has been set by Diamond Brokers Queensland and the seller as an acceptable price based off the quality of the jewellery.  All tender offers are welcome and will be referred to the seller as soon as possible and all accepted offers will receive notice by the end of each month.

Brisbane Tender Jewellery Auction

The Brisbane tender auction is a system design to effectively sell jewellery at auction based on the demand and quality of each item with the backing support, assurance and reputation of a long experienced jewellery store.


Unlike the highly advertised, international luxury jewellery auctions like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, most Australian auctions are designed to liquidate jewellery that needs to be sold quickly or has low sale attractiveness often resulting in poor sales performance. 


Selling jewellery by tender helps to soften the rigidity of a standard auction and achieves a slower but better result for the seller while also creating a more secure purchasing platform for the buyer knowing that the products listed for tender are of a generally higher standard with full quality disclosure and guarantee.


 Our tender auction is designed to combat the failings of standard auctions by protecting both the buyer and the seller by providing a much fairer auction platform with realistic reserves allowing high quality jewellery to be sold effectively at a reasonable price with full disclosure of each jewellery item being assessed to the conditions and quality standard of a comparable new product purchased new in store.

Premium Jewellery Tender Auction

There are many privately owned jewellery items that go to our tender auction that can also be considered premium auction items where the perceived value is above the wholesale replacement cost because of the product rarity or in many cases the branded value of the item.


Branded jewellery designers such as “Tiffany and Co” and “Cartier” are exclusive brands that hold a higher resale value in the second hand market due to their rarity and high social awareness. This value is however only an assumed value and is still based on what a buyer is willing to pay but knowing that their only other options is to buy the item new from the original store at the full listed price. Selling at tender allows for a good negotiation between the buyer and the seller to come to an agreed price for the value of the item.


Certified premium diamonds and investment grade coloured diamonds hold a fairly defined value in the jewellery market but are also often quite expensive and have a limited target market. At auction these diamonds often have a firm reserve price but are listed to sell at a price that is better than any other diamond available in the market. The saving on purchasing a premium certified diamond may be smaller but you can still be assured of buying the best value and quality in the market.

Why is jewellery cheaper at auction?

Jewellery and gems are expensive and hold good value in the resale and auction market but how much cheaper are they than the new replacement price? Old or new, gold and gems in good condition still hold value and will often go up in value with enough time, however the price achieved at auction is ultimately determined by the attractiveness of the jewellery to the eventual buyer.  The advantage of buying jewellery through auction is that the value is based more on the wholesale price of the gemstones, metal and the manufacturing rather than the retail store price.


The price of diamonds and gems is based off the quality grade but sometimes that quality can be difficult to access accurately.  Full laboratory certified diamonds and gems have an easily comparable new replacement value to help determine the price that should be achieved at auction.  However diamonds and gems with diminished condition, no certification or just a general valuation are much more difficult to assign the specific wholesale value as they are more subjective to how much they are worth and will inevitably bring a lower auction price because of this greater risk.  The better and more trusted information that accompanies a gemstone for resale will determine just how close the price achieved at auction will reflect the current equivalent new replacement cost.

The price of second hand gold and precious metals has a fixed resale market price and can be calculated by the purity and gram weight of the jewellery. The manufactured cost of jewellery is much more valuable than the precious metal value but will only hold worth above the metal cost if the jewellery is in a condition that can be resold in its current design.  The design of the jewellery is of the greatest importance to attract a buyer and ultimately will be what decides how much the manufactured cost will be worth above the precious metal value.


When the design of the jewellery is in new or near new condition and is in a popular style the jewellery can return the best possible price but as jewellery ages both the condition and style attractiveness can diminish reducing the ability to obtain a price close to the wholesale manufactured cost of the jewellery. 


The manufacturing cost of jewellery is the hardest value to recover and at auction is determined by the buyer as to what worth they put on the attractiveness of the jewellery.  When the diamond or gem value is high then the jewellery value is much less important to the sellers’ return price but as the gem value drops the manufactured value plays a more significant role to the final price achieved.


 So why is jewellery cheaper at auction?


Generally all items at auction and tender are there because they are no longer new and cannot be sold through a regular jewellery store at retail price.  Gold and gems hold an inherent value based on their individual market price so knowing the cost of manufacturing the item new is a great indicator when it comes to tendering a purchase price.  The offer price will then change with the quality and condition of the ring and the attractiveness of the jewellery to the buyer.  The offer price at auction should always be less than the cheapest price available for the equivalent new item making auctions the best value way to buy jewellery.


The price offered for jewellery at auction is always going to be determined by the buyer based on what they believe the item is worth and how much the buyer wants the design.  By providing the most concise information possible about the jewellery and how its quality compares to the worth of the equivalent new product the buyer will have the greatest confidence in making their offer at the highest possible price based on its current condition knowing that they are buying the jewellery at a realistic price while still satisfying the seller.

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Once you have decided on the type of diamond you would like to buy, our wholesale diamond search tool is a great place to start looking for quality loose diamonds in your budget.


The online diamond search inventory is an international list of available loose certified diamonds that will give you a great guide to the wholesale price of different quality diamonds to help make your selection.

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