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Custom Diamond Engagement Rings Brisbane

Why choose to create a custom diamond engagement ring in Brisbane?
Proposing to your partner is a special occasion so why not make sure that the ring that you propose with will reflect this personal event. What could be more special than designing a custom made diamond engagement ring for your partner with the assistance of a Brisbane bespoke diamond jeweller. Diamond Brokers Queensland can create a high quality, hand made unique custom diamond engagement ring in 18ct gold or platinum at an affordable wholesale price to your individual specifications.

Guiding you through the design of your custom ring we work with your own ideas to create your ideal engagement ring. With our expert diamond knowledge we will assist you with selecting a loose certified diamond from our extensive range of stones and then design your unique diamond engagement ring around your selected diamonds. All of our client’s rings are hand made to their design specifications in our Brisbane diamond jewellery workshop to provide the highest quality workmanship with a full lifetime warranty against structural faults.

Whether you are looking for a 1ct round brilliant cut solitaire diamond engagement ring or a big fancy cut diamond surrounded buy a double halo of hundreds of small diamonds we will help you and your partner design an engagement ring that will be the envy of all your friends at an affordable price.

By purchasing an engagement that has been made locally in Brisbane is very important. Knowing who made your ring and how means that if anything ever goes wrong with your ring you have full backing that it can be quickly and easily repaired or replaced. Purchasing the ring directly from overseas getting a warrant is very difficult and any repairs will cost you the postage between countries. The advantage of getting your engagement ring custom made in Brisbane is that you have the ability to assist with the design and have any alterations made before the ring is complete.

Handmade Diamond Engagement Ring Designers

Along with selecting and purchasing your perfect diamond, Diamond Brokers Queensland are specialist boutique engagement ring designers, ensuring that you ring is as perfect and unique as possible. Rather than selecting a ring design straight out of the showroom window we encourage our clients to take the ideas and concepts of the designs that they like and with the help of our consultants we will work together to create the perfect diamond engagement ring.

The difference between a Brisbane retail jewellery store and a manufacturing designer jeweller is that we can design and produce for you any ring that you can imagine which will be hand made to any specified requirements in a Brisbane workshop. Enlisting the services of an engagement ring designer to make your ring allows you to discuss you design ideas with a design expert who understands the practicality and security of any concept to ensure that the created piece is structurally sound and will result in what the client is expecting. Any engagement ring design is possible but with the experience of designing and manufacturing hand made rings for over 18 years we will make sure that your designer engagement ring will work for you as you expect. Most of our designs are hand sketched but for clients who want to see the exact proportions of the final ring we can create a 3D CAD render before we commence the manufacturing stage.

Diamond Brokers Queensland love to create uniquely designed engagement rings and bring your imagination and passion for your partner to life in your ring. We are always trying to push the boundaries of design while keeping in mind the clients own requirements and to always represent themselves and their personality in the finished design. An engagement ring is going to be different for each person and it is our mission to discover yours.

Selecting a Diamond Engagement Ring Design

The most important and expensive components of an engagement ring are the diamonds but how many and in what combination are you going to need to create your selected design. In the early stages of designing an engagement ring there needs to be reasonable consideration to the number, shape and size combination of the diamonds required. There are a number of standard styles of engagement ring diamond combinations that can then be used to form the basis of your design. The more diamonds used within an engagement ring the further the budget must spread across all of the diamonds. The central diamond or largest stone will always be the most expensive and in a solitaire ring will be as large as possible for the budget but as more diamonds are involved the size of the central diamond will be diminished to accommodate for the cost of the additional stones.

A diamond engagement ring in most cases should be simple, elegant and a style that will remain forever classic. Choosing a style will help with how you consider your diamond selection, the most recognised engagement ring styles are; solitaire, three stone, five stone, shoulder set, cluster, halo or multi-stone. Once a style has been selected then the design aspect comes in to create a different look to each style.

The design can be adjusted in many ways;

  • The shape or cut of the diamonds either a single variety or combination of shapes.
  • The position and arrangement of the diamonds around the ring.
  • The size proportion of the diamond combination.
  • The type of settings used to hold the diamonds, claw, bezel, grain, pave, tension, bar, hammer,
  • The colour and finish of the metal used in the ring

Designing an Engagement Ring by Diamond Proportions

When designing your diamond engagement ring the style of the ring can be altered through the proportions of the diamonds. Although there is often a big emphasis made on the weight of the central diamond, it can often be a smart choice to spread the weigh across several diamonds to improve the visual size of the ring.

The proportional combination of the diamonds used, impacts how the ring is viewed as to weather you want to highlight the size of the central diamond or create a blended appearance with all of the diamonds. Every girl will have their own opinion about how many diamonds will be enough and how they want to show them off but size is almost always the biggest factor to the purchasing decision.

When you have a single large central diamond it is often best to reduce the size of any accompanying diamonds to emphasise the significance of the main diamond where as when the primary diamond is smaller increasing the size of the surrounding diamonds can help blend all of the diamonds into a singular look and make the whole ring look larger.

When there is more than one significant size diamond like in a trilogy style ring the proportion of these diamonds is very important as to where you wish to place the emphasis and how it works with the budget.

Search Wholesale Diamond Prices Online

Once you have decided on the type of diamond you would like to buy, our wholesale diamond search tool is a great place to start looking for quality loose diamonds in your budget.


The online diamond search inventory is an international list of available loose certified diamonds that will give you a great guide to the wholesale price of different quality diamonds to help make your selection.

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