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Brisbane Diamond Exchange

Diamond exchanges and trade ups are now a very common practice for people wanting to either upgrade the size of their diamond in their original engagement ring or to swap over an unwanted engagement ring for a new piece of jewellery.

Diamond jewellery can be difficult to sell for a decent cash price especially when the piece becomes old or is very unique and making and exchange can be a very good value option to swap or upgrade your diamond. As Brisbane diamond brokers we are happy inspect your unwanted diamonds and offer you the best possible price for an exchange. Although this option will not return you any money an exchange is a great way to get the best out an unwanted diamond.

Trade up the diamond in your engagement ring

Is the diamond in your original engagement ring starting to look a little smaller than desired? At some stage in your life you may find that you wish that the diamond in your engagement ring was a little larger than what you could afford when you first purchased the ring. When that time arrives, Diamond Brokers Queensland, are here to help. If you do not have any other use for the old diamond in your engagement ring or just want to help expand your budget even further we can offer you a diamond exchange. Trading up your diamond means that we will buy back your old diamond when you purchase a new diamond for your dress or engagement ring.

To get the most out of a diamond upgrade the new diamond needs to have a significant enough size difference to make an impression and warrant the new cost. We find that depending on the original size diamond that at least a 50% increase in size will be the minimum to achieve this goal. Depending on the original quality of the diamond we can help suggest weather it is best to keep with the same quality or possibly make some small changes with the new stone.

This is the best option for clients who have a diamond under 0.75ct in their original engagement ring as anything larger than this is considered a significant size diamond and is probably best to keep that stone and make a whole new ring for their new piece.

Diamond Engagement Ring Exchange

One of the biggest issues that we find at the moment is when people are left with an unwanted engagement ring. The ring often has an uneasy personal history that prevents them from being able to use the diamond for any other purpose. We have many people wanting to sell these rings but if they have paid close the retail price for the diamond when it was purchased the resale price can be a little hard for them to accept.

For people who are in this circumstance, Diamond Brokers Queensland has an exchange option that can help fix the problem without the pain associated with loosing most of your original cash. Diamond Brokers Queensland have a number of diamond rings and loose diamonds in stock that we can offer as an exchange for your unwanted diamond ring. As with the diamonds that we sell on consignment we take a small fee for the exchange that basically means that you can exchange your diamond ring for a value loss of as little as 20% of the retail price.

When we take your diamond we value the diamond at the current wholesale diamond price and can then make you an exchange offer from several diamond that we have in stock that are just a little below the quality of your own diamond. This gives you a new diamond ring that has no personal history to yourself often without any cost to yourself and its value will be only slightly below what you originally purchased. This is a great option for people who did pay the retail price for their ring as they have gotten rid of an unwanted item without cost and although you do not get a cash return the value will be held in something that can now be used without any negative emotions.

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