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Second Hand Diamond Jewellery for Sale

Diamond Brokers Queensland stock a select collection of diamond and gem set jewellery that we believe still has a good market value where the value of the jewellery is worth retaining for sale. These are generally nice modern pieces of mid-range jewellery that usually do not have a significant high value central gemstone where the value of the jewellery retained is in the completed piece. Although many are still in new condition some of the jewellery can show a small amount of age and wear but no more than you would find in the jewellery that you currently wear yourself. Because it is often the manufacture of the jewellery where the original cost was determined the price for second hand jewellery is significantly reduced and the sale price can be well below the replacement cost of the item making them a great purchase for those buyers who find a piece they are happy to make their own.

Why is Second Hand Jewellery Difficult to Sell?

In any piece of jewellery no matter the manufactured cost, selling the design is only worth what someone is will to pay for it, which makes finding a buyer for second hand jewellery very difficult.  This is because the exposure for a particular piece of second hand jewellery can be very limited and with changing trends it is very easy for jewellery to become out dated.

Second hand jewellery is generally considered anything be it a dress ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet or pendant where the majority of the value of the piece is going to be in the manufacture of the actual jewellery and not its components. There is a lot of jewellery where the value of removing the diamonds or gems contained in the jewellery does not have enough individual worth for purchase by a jeweller and the scrap value of the gold is also much lower than the manufactured value of the piece of jewellery.  This leave the piece to either be worth only the scrap value or trying to find a direct buyer for the jewellery which you can expect to take sometimes a considerable length of time just to find a direct sale and then it is only worth what that buyer is willing to pay to have the jewellery.

Antique Second Hand Diamond Jewellery

The market for second hand antique diamond jewellery is quite high and although there are many antique reproductions available many buyers want to find genuine antique jewellery to purchase.  There is a lot of antique jewellery on the market but very little of this can be considered to still be in top quality condition, which make finding valuable antique diamond jewellery very difficult.  Even with this difficulty these pieces are also very difficult to sell and as rare and valuable as they seem most antique jewellery will sell them for a fraction of its on paper valuation and below what it would cost to replace. 

Premium Price Second Hand Jewellery

There is an exception to the general rule for the value of both antique and newer second hand jewellery. There are a small number of generally either elite branded and historically significant jewellery where the demand for these items is high enough that the value is retained to achieve a sale price at or even above the replacement cost of the jewellery. Many of these are very high value worth pieces but the difference is that they are worth more kept as the jewellery than what they are if they were to be broken down into individual components. This is very rare and often a lot of these pieces will go to one of the world’s premier auctioneers to achieve the greatest value possible.

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