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Gemstones Brisbane – Premium Grade Fancy Coloured Gems

If you are looking to add some stunning coloured Gems to your jewellery collection, why not have a talk with one of our Brisbane consultants.  Natural fancy coloured gemstones come in a whole variety of colours to suit every ones style and range from exceptionally rare and expensive to readily available and affordable depending on the variety.  Gemstones are a great way to create unique and colourful jewellery that can be designed with bold sizes, contrast and individuality.  With a great range of finished gemstone jewellery and loose gems in-store book an appointment to visit our studio and find your perfect colour.

Brisbane Gem Dealers

With the variety and complexity of coloured gemstones that can be sourced from around the world selecting the perfect gem for your jewellery can be easier with the assistance of a skilled Brisbane dealer. 


Gems can be very individual and often do not have an easy scale of grading for quality and price.  Each gem variety is rarely defined by just one type but rather come in a range of qualities and often several colours and tones. The traits of a gems colour and quality can also identify their origin.  


A gem dealer can work with you to determine the best gem to buy based on the budget, colour and quality of gem that you require.

Synthetic vs Natural Gemstones

Nothing will ever replace the desire for a natural mined gemstone but for almost every natural gemstone discovered there has been a synthetic option that has been created.


Many of the most valuable gemstones have chemically identical created or synthetic commercially available gems and are often more perfect than the natural option.  Synthetic gems are easily created and very inexpensive, making them highly prone to fraud to unsuspecting buyers in many countries. 


Even the cheaper quality natural gemstones can have synthetic copies made with glass or other materials to replicate their appearance.

It is very important when buying a gem to know if you are selecting a natural or synthetic gemstone and a reputable seller will guide you and provide appropriate assurance or certification for your gem.

Gemstone Treatment

It is also important to understand that many natural gemstones can be treated in a whole variety of ways to improve their quality and appearance.  Some of these are permanent acceptable industry standard processes to improve an already quality gem and others are less acceptable.  Treatments that are not permanent or will drastically improve the quality of a poor grade gem to appear like a high quality natural gem are fine as long as they have been identified as part of the sale and the price is reflective of the treatment. Identifying treatments used on gems can be quite complex, as new processes are created authorities are always working to keep up with the technology.


Premium gemstones that are certified to prove that they have not been treated in any way will always command a premium price.

This is a complex field and every gem will have its own group of possible treatments, highlighting why it is so important to deal with an experienced gem dealer.


Search Wholesale Diamond Prices Online

Once you have decided on the type of diamond you would like to buy, our wholesale diamond search tool is a great place to start looking for quality loose diamonds in your budget.


The online diamond search inventory is an international list of available loose certified diamonds that will give you a great guide to the wholesale price of different quality diamonds to help make your selection.

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