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Buy Second Hand Diamonds Brisbane

Diamonds are the most durable of all gemstones and even with age and wear they are often still in perfect condition which makes buying a second hand diamond a great options at the best possible price. Second hand diamonds that are undamaged will retain a relatively high percentage of their current market value and the price achieved will often come down to the attractiveness and demand for the diamond quality.


At Diamond Brokers Queensland all of the second hand diamonds for sale in store are either supplied with their full original international diamond grading certificate or have been assessed by our diamond graders for their exact quality grade.


All of the second hand diamonds listed for sale have been inspected, assessed and approved for sale by Diamond Brokers Queensland for quality assurance.  Each diamond has been valued and listed at a fair and reasonable price for both the seller and buyer with prices based against the current equivalent wholesale replacement cost of the diamond.

To view our current collection of second-hand diamonds and gems click the links below to see the latest options available through our auction listings.

Buy Second Hand Gemstones

Buying a second hand gemstone can be quite a different process to buying a diamond.  Compared to a diamond, gemstones are much softer and when worn in jewellery can be scratched or damaged quite easily.


This often means that there are much fewer high quality gems available for sale from second hand dealers that are worth their full original value.

Many gems stones, even large stones, also often have very low value due to the type of gem or if the gem is synthetic making them difficult to sell.

When buying any second hand gemstone it is important to know if it has been keep as a pristine collector piece or if it has some damage from being worn previously in jewellery.  Any damage on a gemstone will reduce the cost of the gem significantly but if the damage is minor will not dramatically affect the appearance of the gem. Quite often with large gems that are either poorly cut or damaged they can be re-cut to bring the quality of the gem back up to new modern condition for selling.


Diamond Brokers Queensland only sell high quality large natural loose precious gems as these are the only gems with significant value.

Each of the gems that we have listed for sale have been inspected for damage, quality and authenticity to be fit for sale as a near new gemstone.

I am Unsure About Buying an Old or Second Hand Diamond

We often find that some people show concern about buying an old or second hand diamond. The truth is that all diamonds are old having been formed millions of years ago in the centre of the earth. Diamonds are the hardest gem on earth and unlike other precious stones will rarely scratch or wear, no matter how old, diamonds can still remain in perfect new condition. An old diamond just means that it has owner history. A modern certified diamond will be easy to compare with a new stone but as the age of the polished diamond increases the quality of the cut can become lower reducing the return on the diamond.


All diamonds for sale by Diamond Brokers Queensland have been fully inspected for quality and wear to ensure the exact quality of the diamond being purchased.


It is still very important to make sure you understand the quality of the diamond that you are buying as second hand diamonds can vary in quality considerably and making the right selection is essential.

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