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Diamond Engagement Rings Brisbane

Individually designed and crafted diamond engagement rings handmade by a master craftsman right here in Brisbane.


Are you searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring for your partner?

Diamond Brokers are a specialised diamond engagement ring jeweller and diamond merchant in Brisbane who has created a new experience in buying a diamond engagement ring by creating a blend of the traditional way of buying a diamond engagement ring with the price and variety of the new online market. By identifying and avoiding the negative traps and problems associated with buying an engagement ring from a standard jewellery store or online shopping cart we have created a solution that will give our clients full control over their purchase.


Our Brisbane store offers a personalised consultation service to assist clients to accurately select their own diamond and design their engagement ring with the security and service of a store with the price and selection of a global online diamond merchant.


Often the biggest cost associated with an engagement ring is the main diamond and by being able to buy a diamond perfectly matched to your individual requirements this alone can save considerable money and regret. Selecting a diamond should never be done without the assistance of professional advice and the integrity of an internationally recognised diamond certificate like GIA. Once you have selected your diamond the design process begins with the main diamond helping to determine the proportions to balance the design of the ring.


Purchasing a quality diamond requires a quality ring and all of our diamond engagement rings are designed and hand made in our Brisbane workshop to create a stunning and unique piece. We can create your ring from a design that you have already found or we can create it with you. A handmade ring provides a structurally sound and secure setting for your diamonds and will last the lifespan of the relationship.

Wholesale Engagement Ring Suppliers

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring from a Brisbane wholesale suppliers has two major benefits over visiting a traditional jewellery store, price and quality selection. Even a premium Brisbane city jewellery store that specialises in diamonds and engagement rings will have a limited selection of a specific quality range of diamonds in their ring designs where as a direct diamond supplier will have a versatile range of diamonds in stock as well as being able to quickly and easily source diamonds from their diamond manufacturing partners.  The standard sale price from a Brisbane wholesale diamond engagement ring supplier will also often be less than the best retail store sale price ensuring that you get the best and fairest deal on your engagement ring purchase without the need to negotiate.


For this price advantage the purchasing process will often require a little more effort than buying an engagement ring direct from a jewellery store shelf.  A jewellery store will sell their selected engagement ring collection as an immediate take home option but you are committed to buying the quality of diamond selected for you by the store, which if given the option often would not accurately match your preferred choice.  Buying from a wholesaler for your engagement ring means you can have full control over the selection of your diamond and have it designed and hand made into your own ring design.  This will provide you with the perfect ring but it is all done as a custom process where the ring will be built for you in the workshop rather than receiving it immediately over the counter.


Buying a diamond engagement ring direct from a wholesale diamond merchant means that you can buy your ring in Brisbane at the most affordable price and ensure that you receive the best quality diamond.

Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring from a Brisbane Jeweller

Do you want a high quality custom designed diamond engagement ring at an affordable price that you can purchase directly from a Brisbane Jeweller?

An engagement ring is an important purchase in any ones life and should be purchased with thought and attention to the requirements of yourself and your partner.


For many buying an engagement ring is their first real entry into the world of high quality diamonds that many can find is a complex and daunting environment to make such and important decision. Diamond Brokers of Brisbane are here to guide you through this complex world and our expert diamond jewellery consultants will help ensure that you make the correct selection based on your own special requirements to create your ideal diamond engagement ring.


All of our diamond engagement ring are handmade to each client’s unique specifications in our Brisbane Jewellery workshop to provide the highest quality workmanship with a full lifetime warranty against structural faults. From a classic 1ct solitaire to a big fancy cut diamond surrounded by a double halo of diamonds we will help you and your partner design an engagement ring that will be the envy of all your friends.


We invite you to take a search through our online diamond ring gallery for ideas on unique ring designs to match the diamond shape that you like, then give us a call to arrange a personalised consultation in our Jewellery showroom with one of our consultants who will help create your perfectly designed diamond engagement ring.

What is the cost of a Diamond Engagement Ring?

When searching for a diamond engagement ring one of the biggest issues is trying to understand the cost and why there can be so much difference in price between suppliers on seemingly similar quality rings.  In most cases it will be the price of the diamond that will make up most of the cost of the engagement ring, which mean ensuring that you know exactly what quality diamond each supplier is offering in their engagement ring to make an accurate comparison.  Even when you are provided quotes on similar quality products the price can still vary depending on the discretionary discount given by a retail store and their associated sales expenses.  The recommended retail price on high priced diamond engagement rings is significantly higher than the actual or wholesale cost price of the diamond engagement ring meaning there will be a high variation on quoted prices from retailers. A wholesale diamond engagement ring supplier will sell their rings at much closer to the actual wholesale cost price, which can be up to 60% below the standard retail price. Making the comparison between suppliers’ diamonds and their cost is made much easier when they have full international certification.
Diamond Engagement Rings Online

Buying a diamond engagement ring from a Brisbane online jeweller means that you can buy an engagement ring online or directly from the store at a competitive online price with the security and expertise of a traditional retail shop.

Buying a diamond online is now quite a safe procedure but for such an expensive product you need to understand exactly what you are buying. We do not sell our diamonds through a shopping cart because we believe that an experts’ opinion should be sought before any diamond engagement ring purchase is completed to avoid any misrepresentation or disappointment in the quality.

Although the advent of international diamond certification has levelled out the grading of diamonds to a reasonable extent there are still may diamond that may not actually be what they seem and are often put up for sale online for easier disposal without any form of proper consultation prior to the purchase. Most online suppliers will offer a return policy buying from an overseas supplier means that returning the diamond can be very expensive and your GST payment could also be lost.

The major cost of an engagement ring is the size and quality of the purchased diamond. Diamonds are a globally balanced product where the wholesale price will be the same no matter which country it is sold which means a Brisbane based online jewellery store can sell a diamond at the same price as any other supplier just with the added security of buying from a locally based business.

Although there are competitive prices to be found buying a diamond engagement ring online there is caution to be taken about what you purchase and from what country it is purchased. When purchasing a diamond engagement ring online all of the responsibility of what you are buying is placed on the customer as to selecting the right product and how it will look.

There are many fine quality fully certified diamonds to be found and purchased from the internet however there are also still just as many that are deceptively graded and undesirable for an engagement ring.

Buying a diamond is not an easy decision and making the decision unassisted can result in purchasing the wrong diamond leaving you with an engagement ring that you do not want to wear. Always make sure that when purchasing an engagement ring solely online that you have expert advice available. Where the online engagement ring provider is located is also very important as if there is a problem the ability and rules for a return or refund will be different to those who are bound by Australian regulations.

If you are going to purchase a diamond engagement ring online make sure that the supplier is based within Australia. This can be difficult to distinguish as many international online jewellery stores will pose as Australian suppliers but once you dig deeper you will often find that they are American based companies. A reputable Australian online jewellery store should provide clients with access to a real consultant who can help guide them through the purchasing process and ensure that they are receiving all of the correct information to make an informed selection. Buying a diamond engagement ring from an Australian online jewellery store mean that you are fully protected by all of the Australian consumer laws so that if there is a problem it will be a much easier process to rectify.

Search Wholesale Diamond Prices Online

Once you have decided on the type of diamond you would like to buy, our wholesale diamond search tool is a great place to start looking for quality loose diamonds in your budget.


The online diamond search inventory is an international list of available loose certified diamonds that will give you a great guide to the wholesale price of different quality diamonds to help make your selection.

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