Brisbane Wholesale Diamond Merchants

Visit our new Boutique Jewellery Store

Opening in April will be our newly renovated jewellery store at our Cleveland Studio. Our focus will still be on selling designer diamond engagement rings and high end custom diamond jewellery along with a new range of exclusive designer jewellery products. We will still be providing our personalised one on one consultations by appointment but combining this with the convenience of a retail jewellery store at wholesale prices.

Why Buy A Diamond from an Online Diamond Merchant Based in Brisbane?

Diamonds Brisbane, established in 2002, Diamond Brokers Queensland are a Brisbane based diamond importer selling diamonds online and through our two diamond jewellery studios.

Buying a diamond from a Brisbane based diamond merchant gives you the security of knowing that we are bound by the Australian retail consumer regulations. If there is ever any faults or concern with your product you can have the problems fixed and dealt with locally without having to try any deal with an overseas supplier where they are not bound by Australian regulations. read more…

Custom Designed Engagement Rings Brisbane

Exquisite individually designed 18ct gold and platinum custom handmade diamond engagement rings are our specialty. Each ring is designed by yourself with the help of one of our diamond jewellery consultants around your chosen diamonds to create the perfect ring for you and your partner that will be the envy of all your friends at an affordable price.

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Diamonds Brisbane – Wholesale Importers and Brokers

Diamond Brokers Queensland are a Brisbane based wholesale diamond importer selling loose certified diamonds direct to the retail engagement ring and diamond jewellery market. If you are looking for the best price diamonds for sale in Brisbane make sure that you purchase a diamond through a genuine wholesale diamond merchant. Most retail stores and even jewellery manufacturers do not deal directly in diamond and cannot offer diamonds for sale at competitive prices. All of our diamonds are sourced directly from the diamond polishing manufacturers and sold directly to our clients from our diamond jewellery studio in Cleveland and our Brisbane city workshop at the wholesale rate. For premium investment and hard to find diamonds we offer our Diamond Brokerage service for buying, selling and trading wholesale diamonds.

Diamonds for sale at wholesale Price

Shopping around for diamonds will result in a very broad range of sale prices. This is because every supplier will offer you a different quality diamond to try and get your business. So how do you accurately compare and are you being quoted the retail or wholesale price. So what is the price of a diamond?
Diamonds are all unique meaning there is no one set price for diamonds. The value is determined primarily by the 4 C’s that categorizes diamonds to a pricing structure. This is a complicated system that requiring expert knowledge to correctly select the best value diamond. When buying a diamond it is essential to understand exactly what you are buying and certification is an essential part of this process. Make sure that you know what you are buying and ensure that you buy your diamond at wholesale price to get the best quality and value for your purchase.

The Q Report provides our customers with immediate world wide insurance against loss or damage for a 12 month period.

This unique innovation is a world first. Click here for more…