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Brisbane Diamond Merchants and Jewellers

Diamond Brokers Queensland are a wholesale diamond merchant and boutique Brisbane jewellery store specialising in GIA certified white diamonds for custom hand made engagement rings and premium quality Argyle pink diamonds at wholesale prices direct to the public. As Brisbane diamond merchants we offer you the best value premium quality diamonds partnered with our comprehensive personalised design consultation services.
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Buying a diamond ring for your partner is a significant purchase that will be an everlasting symbol, reflecting the love and commitment of your relationship. We are experienced wholesale diamond merchants who strive to make buying diamond jewellery an enjoyable, educational and satisfying experience.
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Wholesale Diamonds for Sale

Understanding how to compare the quality and price of diamonds for sale can be quite complex but with the assistance of a wholesale diamond merchant, we can help you navigating through this important process and determine your ideal diamond at the most competitive market price. Based in Brisbane, Diamond Brokers service both wholesale and retail diamond buyers throughout Queensland and Australia. We understand that it can be quite difficult to find quality diamond jewellery outside of the major city centres at reasonable prices and are well equipped to service the needs of clients in outer regions to ensure they receive the personalised service and product that they expect at the most competitive price. If you are looking for the best price diamonds for sale make sure that you purchase a diamond through a genuine wholesale diamond merchant. We have an extensive collection of diamonds sourced directly from our diamond polishing manufacturing partners for client to view online or personally in our Cleveland store to provide the best priced direct purchase diamonds in Brisbane. We stock all qualities of diamonds both certified and non-certified to suit anyone’s budget and for premium investment and hard to find diamonds we offer our diamond brokerage service to source the exact diamond that you require.

Second-Hand Diamond Jewellery Traders

Diamond Brokers Queensland is a registered Australian second-hand diamond and jewellery dealers. We specialise in buying, selling, brokering and trading second-hand diamonds and gems of high quality and value both certified and non-certified as well as finished ring and jewellery. Through our Brisbane retail store and online tender auction site we offer jewellery and loose gem for sale from all sources, new, store liquidations, wholesaler tenders, privately owned, antique, investment and custom made. Buying second-hand jewellery can often provide exceptional value to buyers allowing them to purchase a new or near new rings at less than the new wholesale market cost. Most modern second-hand diamonds will be provided with a laser inscription and an international diamond certificate for quality and authenticity providing exceptional value for savvy diamond buyers. With the inevitable closure of the Argyle diamond mine in, 2021, shortly there will be very few new pink diamonds entering the wholesale diamond market and these rare diamonds will become even more sought after by astute investors. As specialist pink diamond dealers our auction site is set up a platform for investors to buy and sell their diamond with a secure oversight to ensure a fair trading environment.

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Diamond Brokers Queensland are a wholesale diamond merchant and boutique engagement ring manufacturing jeweller and
for all product enquiries we invite you to fill out our Contact form or call our office – 1800 993 697 to book an appointment
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